When it comes down to it, we see community as the number one benefit of climbing. Sure sending your project feels great. But take a step back and replay those visits to that project. You can reclimb it a thousand times in your head. Each subtle movement dialed in. The shifting of your weight over that one foothold. The bearing down on that crux crimp. But the real fun and the real enjoyment was probably the people you were with. The friend who hauled 3 pads out there to to help. The other friend who went with you countless times even if they never got to try the project they were psyched on. The person who brings the humor to the boulders. Always making everyone smile, laugh and maybe not take the whole thing so seriously. The guy who happened to also be working that problem that you had the opportunity to bond with one day when you both happened to be there at the same time. It's the friendships that come with this whole climbing thing. That's the real treasure in the activity. So, next time you find yourself getting all worked up and obsessed, take a step back and really appreciate the people you are with. That's what you'll remember later. That's what ultimately sticks with you. Enjoy!

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